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So I’ve been a really shitty person lately and I haven’t updated your confessions in awhile. I have been really busy these past couple of months, but things are finally starting to get back to normal now. This blog is getting really hard to run by myself, so soon I will start looking for one or two people to help me run it. Anyways, I promise that you can start looking for your confessions within the next week! 

I actually don’t think that Jon and Dany are the Ice and Fire of the title and destined to be together in the end, I don’t expect it to happen at all. But I still like the idea, it’s sweet and the series could do with a bit of sweetness.

I rather like Sansa and the Hound, despite the fact it’s just a generic ‘Beauty and The Beast’ story.

The only ship in ASOIAF I don’t find a single fault with is Gendrya. I love it with a passion and if they do not meet up again soon, and Gendry reminds Arya of who she is, I’m going to be so sad. 

I absolutely love Margaery/Sansa, but I honestly think Margaery/Arya would work so much better.

A lot of people think that ‘a song of ice and fire’ it’s about Jon x Dany, although their my OTP, if u read the books and the truth is it’s about Rhaegar x Lyanna. Like seriously to truly under stand the series, and quoting George R. R. Martin’s words; “Just read the fucking books.”


Osha and Meera Reed really need to be a thing. The way they snark at each other tells you that they really want to be having slightly nasty sex somewhere off in the woods.

Cersei and Jaime is such a good story that I have no trouble accepting the incest aspect of it. They’re hands down the best GoT ship to me.

Renly Baratheon was totally in love with Ned Stark (He saved his life, why wouldn’t he love Ned?). I love the idea that Renly found out he liked men because of his longstanding crush on Ned. 

I really wanted Cersei & Tywin to happen. I mean they’re both adults and they were both open to incest for the right people (although I know Tywin’s marriage was socially acceptable then). They would be such a hot couple.